Thursday, December 23, 2010

In the christmas spirit ... the 3 ghosts

The ghost of Christmas Past: Debt was at 5.6 trillion dollars

The ghost of Christmas Present: Debt is at 13.9 trillion dollars

The ghost of Christmas future: Debt predicted to be 24.4 trillion dollars!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Which states will we be bailing out first, not necessarily in this order .....

The average shortfall for the 2010 fiscal year (July 1 2009-June 30 2010) is 24.3% of the total budget.

The biggest gaps of shortfalls are: California: 49.3% , Arizona: 41.1%, Nevada: 37.8%, Illinois: 37.7% , New York: 36.1%, Alaska: 30.0%. These are the states that will fail soon and require a bailout which will cause our states to fail.

Please expect major inflation in the coming months .... you have been warned ..... stock up now on food and other necessaries!

School tax increases

To the editor,
I am sure everyone has gotten their property tax bill already. I knew that the taxes always go up year to year, but I was amazed to see the percentage increases. I attended the city of Kiel budget meeting and I was impressed how they try to be budget conscious. Our mayor, Mayor Werdeo, even took additional cuts to make sure the city's taxes only went up 2% instead of the predicted 3%. Our mayor and council members are normally very concerned and careful when spending our tax dollars.

Now I see the City of Kiel School District raised our taxes 13.1%. I knew it was going up but it does not hit home until I get the actual bill. My wife attended the school board budget meeting and they seem to not put any effort or be that concerned about spending everyone's money. When I see my tax dollars going to the school going up over $200 I get a little concerned. I have not gotten any cost of living adjustment for 2 years now while and I know many others who have not gotten raises or their hours were cut. We are all doing more with less, why can not the government?

I know we will get excuses from board members, or they will say "run for the board," so that is what my wife and I plan on doing. I ask my fellow City of Kiel citizens to go to the district office and fill out nomination papers for the spring election. Instead of just complaining about it, get up and do something about it. This is why we started our group, Wisconsin Citizens Involvement. We attend council meetings and board meetings. I think it makes a difference as we can let our voices be heard where it counts, in front of our elected officials.

So please again, register for the school board and even the city council if you feel they are not doing the job you want them to do. Being a citizen in this country is our duty which many of us, including myself for years, have taken for granted. Remember the elected officials are our employees, we pay their salaries and we have the right and responsibility to replace them if they are not doing the job.

Randy Kubetz
Wisconsin Citizens Involvement