Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 City Rankings - Wisconsin Elementary Schools

The Kiel School District ranks for Standardize tests

City Rankings on State Standardized Tests

The city rankings were calculated by taking the standardized tests used by Wisconsin to determine the proficiency level across varying grades and subjects for schools in the state. These school percentile ranks were then averaged for all elementary schools in each city and ordered from highest to lowest.


Kiel Student population lowering


Grade Number of Students
5th Grade 88
6th Grade 104
7th Grade 108
8th Grade 92
9th Grade 94
10th Grade 118
11th Grade 128
12th Grade 125

Kiel Administration Salaries for 2011

Below are the administrative staff members and their 2011 pay:

Name Position Prorated Salary Prorated Benefits
Louise Blankenheim District Administrator $116,000.00 $43,655.00
Deborah Sixel Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor $88,100.00 $38,326.00
Chad Ramminger Principal $83,063.00 $37,261.00
David Slosser Principal $92,482.00 $39,252.00
Heidi Smith Principal $39,250.00 $18,148.00
Heidi Smith Principal $39,250.00 $18,148.00
Dario Talerico Principal $97,417.00 $40,245.00
John Wolfenberg Assistant Principal $23,239.25 $9,838.25
John Wolfenberg Assistant Principal $23,239.25 $9,838.25
Dawn Mueller Director of Special Education and/or Pupil Services $48,754.02 $23,900.22

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some big numbers

$7.8 billion Which is what Fannie Mae has asked the US government for as a next bailout. No end in sight.

$112 billion Is what Fannie Mae has cost the taxpayer so far.

$169 billion The tally for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac combined to date.

$220 billion The number the US government claims baling out the pair may cost you by 2014.

Another big chart:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frightening chart

This chart is scary. Notice the deflation of the dollar since 2000 and the price increases in commodities.

Doing more for the community

Ben and Elaine baked cookies for the Kiel Police Department to show appreciation for their service.