Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1,000 days and counting without a buget.

People of faith please pass this video on.

Great question for the people to decide in the coming election

Great video to pass to Obama supporters

Good news ... Please vote for Falk to face Walker

A public policy poll has Gov. Walker up by between 5 percentage points (against Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett), 7 points (against former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk) and 12 points (against state Senator Kathleen Vinehout) among likely voters, reaching at least 50% against all 4 Democrats. In the same poll, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is up 46%-40% on Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin president Mahlon Mitchell. The partisan split of that poll was 37% independent, 32% Republican and 31% Democrat, which roughly mirrors recent Rasmussen Reports likely-voter partisan splits in Wisconsin.

Tom Barrett (D): 45 (49)
Scott Walker (R-inc): 50 (46)
Hari Trivedi (I): 2
Undecided: 3 (3)

Kathleen Falk (D): 43 (48)
Scott Walker (R-inc): 50 (47)
Hari Trivedi (I): 3
Undecided: 3 (5)

Doug La Follette (D): 40 (45)
Scott Walker (R-inc): 51 (46)
Hari Trivedi (I): 3
Undecided: 6 (9)

Kathleen Vinehout (D): 38 (44)
Scott Walker (R-inc): 50 (46)
Hari Trivedi (I): 5
Undecided: 7 (10)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Will the faithful stand their ground?

I am a bit puzzled by the outright assault on religious beliefs lately. I am also concerned with the lack of support of communities who, when given an opportunity to stand up to Atheists, don't. I am wondering what these communities are waiting for? Are you just a Sunday-only worshiper or do you indeed live your faith?

For those who don't believe in religion, what is so wrong with people who do believe in a higher power? What are non-believers afraid of? Do you think we should just dismantle our Founders by undoing the Constitution (which was founded on religious beliefs)? If you want to undo the religious belief in this country, what do you replace it with? Worship of the earth? United Nations? Money? Other people's stuff?

If we get rid of the morality of the laws, that were founded on religious teachings, should we then allow killing because the Bible forbids it? Do Atheists actually believe in anything? Is not your non-belief a religion in itself? Why are people of faith allowing Atheists to force their non-belief on people who do believe in a God? What is wrong with teaching religious beliefs of compassion, empathy, helping others or donating to the poor?

I will leave you with this quote from John Adams: "The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God."

Hypocrisy is the name of the progressive left

I have heard people on the left with cries of racism for voter ID laws in our country. They say it is a hardship and is impossible for people to have an ID to vote. We all need a state ID to do the following: buy liquor or cigarettes, drive a car, get a hunting license, get a conceal carry license, getting a passport, writing a check, opening a bank account, getting certain over the counter drugs and many more occasions.

Now, starting in September, students will have to submit photos of themselves when they sign up for the exams. These measures are in response to a massive cheating. A head shot of the student will be printed on the student's test admission ticket and on the roster given to the proctors of the exams. Before the test, the administrators will cross reference the submitted photo with a photo ID as well as with the person taking the test. The students' photos will continue to be verified during breaks and when the tests are handed in. This even goes further than any voter ID law but it is OK with the leftists.

Can I get someone who is rational please tell me why having proof of who you are to vote is wrong? Voting is a right so many people in this nation do not use anyway. Why is it so important NOT to have an ID? It is most important for those who want to cheat on elections to get their candidate in against the will of the people, just like the SAT example above. So let me get this right, progressives, it is OK to stop cheating on a SAT test but is OK to cheat on elections. This is why leftists are so hypocritical and a joke to many people in this state.