Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hypocrisy is the name of the progressive left

I have heard people on the left with cries of racism for voter ID laws in our country. They say it is a hardship and is impossible for people to have an ID to vote. We all need a state ID to do the following: buy liquor or cigarettes, drive a car, get a hunting license, get a conceal carry license, getting a passport, writing a check, opening a bank account, getting certain over the counter drugs and many more occasions.

Now, starting in September, students will have to submit photos of themselves when they sign up for the exams. These measures are in response to a massive cheating. A head shot of the student will be printed on the student's test admission ticket and on the roster given to the proctors of the exams. Before the test, the administrators will cross reference the submitted photo with a photo ID as well as with the person taking the test. The students' photos will continue to be verified during breaks and when the tests are handed in. This even goes further than any voter ID law but it is OK with the leftists.

Can I get someone who is rational please tell me why having proof of who you are to vote is wrong? Voting is a right so many people in this nation do not use anyway. Why is it so important NOT to have an ID? It is most important for those who want to cheat on elections to get their candidate in against the will of the people, just like the SAT example above. So let me get this right, progressives, it is OK to stop cheating on a SAT test but is OK to cheat on elections. This is why leftists are so hypocritical and a joke to many people in this state.

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