Friday, July 23, 2010

Meeting Notes July 2010

Thank you to everyone who attended our July 22, 2010 meeting.

We began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Ben and Elaine Kubetz.

We briefly went over the discussion notes from our June meeting.

First on our agenda was a discussion on whether or not to support a call to action by Jack Lechler regarding a "Town Hall" type debate with the three candidates running for the 27th District Assembly seat. As a group, Wisconsin Citizen's Involvement decided that we would call Representative Steve Kestell, Candidate Randy Meyer, and Candidate Jack Lechler to set up a public discussion forum. Mr. Lechler was kind enough to call the school and we tentatively have the week of August 16th available for the candidates to meet.

We discussed which candidates to support in the upcoming primaries/election season. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson, running against Russ Feingold, current Democratic incumbent, was given our support. We will be contacting Mr. Johnson's campaign to see if he'd be interested in coming to our area in the near future.

There was a lively ongoing discussion on immigration and the fallout from the recent government action against Arizona. We also touched on how immigration affects us as taxpayers, and the country as a whole.

Mr. Lechler mentioned that he had met with the new Kiel Area School District Superintendent. I have sent a letter of invitation to Ms. Louise Blankenheim to come to our next meeting. I will follow this up with a personal invite when I meet with her in the next week or so.

We discussed the recent vote by Kiel Mayor Werdeo regarding the wage increase for the wastewater treatment employees. With our economy in such dire straits, we need to be watching every penny, at every level of government. We discussed meeting with the mayors of the surrounding communities to see if they would be interested in working together to fight the union arbitration and wage increase demands. I will be sending out letters by next week Wednesday.

Mr. Lechler brought to our attention one of the many letters he had received since announcing his candidacy for the Assembly seat. This particular letter was from Ms. Julaine Appling, with Wisconsin Family Action. He gave me a copy of this letter, and I will be contacting Ms. Appling in regards to some of the past issues we have discussed.

Our next meeting will be on August 26, 2010 at 6:30pm at the Stoelting House in Kiel. We hope you can attend. Remember, if you don't use your voice, you lose it!


  1. I have an appointment to meet with Ms. Louise Blankenheim on Wednesday, August 4th. I will post notes from this meeting after that date.

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