Monday, August 30, 2010

READER OPINION-It's our Republic we need to stay involved in it

This is an opinion piece I wrote for the Tri-county newspaper.

To the editor,
Wisconsin Citizen's Involvement would like to thank all three candidates who participated in the Question and Answer Forum on August 19, 2010. We would also like to thank all of the people who took the time to come and listen to what the candidates had to say. Without this type of information, how can people decide on which candidate is the best to vote for?
I would like to see more people take the time to get involved in government issues. I know previous generations of my family have done so. My great-grandparents left an oppressive government in Czechoslovakia to come to the one and only free country on Earth-the United States of America. If we don't get involved soon, the freedoms we currently have will no longer be there for future generations. I don't want to be the generation that loses that dream of my great-grandparents and our fore-fathers. That is why we started our group and are getting involved.
This also ties into immigration. We do need to have immigration to renew the feeling of gratitude for the freedoms we have. This only happens when we have legal immigrants who work for their citizenship and then they can truly appreciate our country. Those who bypass this system do not have the same appreciation and love for our country. I remember hearing stories from my grandparents on the love of our country and the appreciation for the opportunity to succeed. They did not have any guarantees they would succeed, just the dream of the freedom to do so. They also assimilated into the country and their community. They learned English and did not make others bend to their heritage and language.
Also remember, we are a Republic, not a Democracy. There is a huge difference, and that is why my family fled Europe. If you want to keep this Republic and freedom, please get involved.

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