Thursday, October 14, 2010

Editorial for Herald Times Reporter, Sheboygan Press and Tri-County News

Wisconsin Citizens Involvement, a local independent citizens group, ( would like to support Jack Lechler (I) for the State Assembly District 27 seat. His opponent Steve Kestell (R) has been in this seat for 10 years and it is time for change. We believe Jack will bring new ideas to our state that is now $2.5 billion in debt and over 230,000 unemployed workers which Steve has been part of. Jack is running an independent campaign without any special interest money. On the other hand Steve Kestell has received $51,010.00 from special interest groups. This can lead a candidate to support laws or to introduce laws that help those who helped finance your campaign. Look at our current President who received millions of dollars from the unions and how he supports laws that bail the unions out or help them profit.

Some of the issues Jack supports are Term Limits which is needed to keep corruption to a minimum. Putting the control back in our local governments to allow the citizens decide what is best for the community, not the State legislature in Madison. Providing an ID to vote to help stop voter fraud. The last is to stop the train project cold in it's tracks.

Please elect an independent voice to our State Assembly and vote for Jack Lechler on November 2nd.

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