Monday, November 8, 2010

Please be aware of the coming price inflation

Sugar Monthly Price
Month Value
May 2010 $15.11
Jun 2010 $16.31
Jul 2010 $17.70
Aug 2010 $18.60
Sep 2010 $22.68

I just wanted to place a quick article about food prices. The cost has gone up quite a bit of late but are set to even go higher with the FED buying our own debt. They just bought over $600 billion last week and add that to the $1.7 trillion they bought earlier in the year, we are set for the dollars value to lower. This means to you; those who remember the inflation of the 70's; much higher food prices and also commodities like gas, tires and anything made with oil. There is even talk of a possibly depression by those in the know in financial markets.

Please do your homework and prepare to tighten up the belts even more. You can do this by stocking up on food while the prices are still low. Please let your friends and neighbors know about this and to keep an eye on prices and prepare.

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