Thursday, March 3, 2011

Price of local electricity goes up

If you have noticed that the price for electricity was $.087 per KWH in January and is now at $.092 per KWH for February and March. This is not the price increase that will be going in affect in the near future.

I asked City Administrator Dennis Dedering and he said "The electric rate increase has not taken place, our costs for purchasing the power has gone up slightly. We are hoping to not have changes for purchased power over the next couple of years, if the federal government does not impose regulations which could impact costs for power."

So be aware of the 5% increase in electrical costs and price of gasoline. The cost of energy continues to climb but we are told that there is no inflation.

By: Randy Kubetz


  1. Our utilities in this community are very high. Perhaps they should consider hedging or other alternatives.

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