Wednesday, January 12, 2011

City Council Meeting 1-11-11

City Council Meeting 1-11-11

I attended the City Council Meeting on Tuesday. The following items were discussed and voted on:

Officer Jeremy Kamp was recognized as Employee of the Year by vote from his peers. He has acted as our school liaison, keeping a police presence in our school and providing our students with an opportunity to interact with the police. This has led to cases being solved and students being more open when crimes are committed. We commend Officer Kamp for his outstanding work.

Pat Keltesch was sworn in as Municipal Court Clerk in accordance with the changing state law. It is my understanding that she has previously been in this position, but with the law change, she now must take an oath.

The Council voted to pass a resolution authorizing an initial resolution to finance General Obligation Bonds in the amount of $1,645,000 to pay for the Fire Station project. Two other resolutions were also approved in conjunction with this; Directing Publication of Notice to Electors, and Providing for the Sale of $1,645,000 General Obligation Fire Station Bonds. This authorizes the finance company to send out bids to financial institutions to buy these bonds. The bids received will be presented at next month's Council Meeting.

The Wage Resolution was presented, listing the wages for each of the positions within the city government. This Resolution provided for a 2% increase for personnel. This was addressed by Randy in his notes last month.

Chief Funkhouser explained the route for the Amy Krueger Memorial Ride—an ATV ride that would be held the same weekend as the Ice Sculpture festivities. This was approved pending the group's signed letter of permission from each of the private property owners affected. This was brought before the Council because the ATV's used need to cross Broadway to park in the City parking lot near Header Inn.

There will be a Public Hearing regarding the revision of Chapter 13 Municipal Utilities—Sewer Services. This Hearing will be on February 8, 2011 at 6:00pm.

There were two other Resolutions brought before the Council—both honoring community members who have achieved Eagle Scout badges in Boy Scouts. Both of these young men are to be commended for their service and accomplishments.

There have been several complaints about sidewalks not being shoveled within the 72-hour time frame after a snowfall. These citizens, if the City has to remove the snow, will have to pay the City for the service.

There have been numerous complaints about dog feces being left on people's sidewalks and yards. If the owner of the home knows who the people are, the City Police can and will get involved. If you have pets, it is your responsibility to pick up your animal's wastes.

I also asked about the Electrical Contractor position that was advertised. The petition we signed was sent to the appropriate people. Now comes the waiting game, as we see what the unions do about this. Many thanks to all those who signed this petition and are getting involved!

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