Friday, January 21, 2011

Editorial for Jan 28th newspaper

I have heard people tell me teachers don't make enough money and others tell me they make too much. I also hear that they work too many hours and buy items for the classroom. I figured I would put a little perspective into salaries. I would like think that most people appreciate teachers, as I do, and also the military. Here is a quick comparison between the two professions:

Teachers do work many hours, just like anyone on a salary does in private business. They pay for some items and do help out kids who can not afford basic classroom items from their own pay. For this the average salary of a Wisconsin teacher is a little over $46,000. The average salary for school administrators is $130,000. This is just base salary and not counting benefits like health care and retirement.

Soldiers work 24/7 as they are always on duty. They put their lives on the line each day. I read that many soldiers paid for their own armor for their protection in the Gulf War. I picked an E-5, or a Sergeant, as comparable salary which is under $27,000. I then chose an officer pay to equal that of administrators. Average salary of a Captain is $80,000. This is the base salary and you have to work 20 years before you can earn any retirement pay.

For purposes of full disclosure, I served in the Army in the early 80's. Back then I was paid about $8,000 each year. I never complained about my salary since I love my country and I chose to serve. If you ask most teachers and military people, they will tell you they love their jobs and they do not complain about the job they chose.

We all have a choice of career and we all have the ability to leave the job if we don't think pay is fair, unless you sign a contract like in the military and you have to finish it out.

Randy Kubetz

Wisconsin Citizens Involvement

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