Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Senior at Madison Memorial High School

Dear Mr. Dahmen, Dr. Nerad:

I would like to inform you on behalf of many students whom I have communicated with to say, We are concerned with the many days which the teachers have not been in school and the students have been restricted from attending school.

I am fully aware how the teachers feel but, what about the STUDENTS?

It is not fair to us the we might have to make up lost instructional days. Us students did not have a CHOICE on whether or not we could attend school this past week?

How is it our FAULT that we were not in school for four days?

Students should not have to make up school because the majority of teachers REFUSED to show up and do their JOB. I feel like the teachers have been SELFISH and have not taken into consideration how the students FEEL.

I know that I do not want or see why I have to make up any missed school time on behalf of the teachers and I do not plan to. I was ready to attend school but the teachers chose not to be present and you decided to not open up our school.

Thank you for taking the time to read my words, You should take into consideration about how we are affected and how we feel about making up school.

Thank You,

***** ****

P.S. I decided to write this because the students were shut out of school again on Monday February 21, 2011. I am in school to be taught not talked to regarding what teachers have done. I know what they and you have done, you have kept me and other students from attending school.

Any excuse will be valid just like theirs, RIGHT?

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